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Civics association Ostium

Objectives and activities

The main aim of the association is to contribute to the development of science, education, training and creative work.

The Association achieves its objectives through the following activities:

– organizing courses, seminars, trainings, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, cultural, artistic, sports and social events, etc.,

– editorial, publishing, distribution and translation activities, expert activities, graphic design,

– consultancy activities in the field of science, education, training and raising of public awareness,

– support for participation in scientific, educational, cultural and art events at home and abroad,

– support for study stays, traineeships and visits to schools and educational institutions at home and abroad,

– support for publishing activities, acquisition and publication of various titles such journals, books, proceedings, textbooks, etc.,

– support for research activities and educational institutions

– improving the material and technological conditions and environment for the participants in the educational process.