Instructions for Authors

Ostium is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.
The deadline for submitting articles is always the first week in February, May, August and November. The article submitted by deadline doesn’t necessarily have to be published in the earliest possible issue of the journal.

Articles are anonymously peer-reviewed by two reviewers at least. The content of papers must meet scientific and stylistic criteria. The Editorial team reserves the right not to publish any article on the grounds of a reviewer’s references, and reserves the right to edit received texts. Articles are accepted in Slovak and Czech language (in the case of foreign authors: in English, German and French language). The content of scientific studies includes English, German or French abstracts, keywords, a list of full bibliographical references and contact information about the author. In the case of book reviews, please add full citations of the reviewed work.
Please, edit articles according to the following criteria:

1) Name and contact information should be attached in a separate file by the following form: name and surname with degrees; department or institution (and its address), e-mail address, ORCID (if the author has it).
2) The title of an article must be accurate, meaningful and it must correspond to the content.
3) If we consider scientific studies, there must be attached the article’s title, abstract and keywords in English (ca. 150 words).
4) The length of an article is 36.000 characters including spaces and footnotes. The editorial team may accept longer papers in specific cases.
5) The elaboration of the topic must follow standard requests for a scientific paper or for literature (depending on the category and section in the journal).
6) For bibliographical references, follow the way used in published articles in the journal:

THOMASSON, A. L.: Fiction and Metaphysics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1999. ISBN: 9780511527463. DOI:
REA, C. M.: Four-Dimensionalism. In: LOUX, J. M. – ZIMMERMAN, D. (eds.): The Oxford Handbook for Metaphysics. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2005, pp. 246 – 280. ISBN: 9780198250241. DOI 10.1111/j.1468-0149.2004.00321.x
ŠKVRNDA, F.: “A Crowd of Gorgons and Winged Horses”. A Critique of Socratic Philosophers in Athenaeus’ The Deipnosophists. In: Pro-Fil, vol. 24, 2023, no. 1. ISSN: 1212-9097. DOI:

7) For citation of ancient or classical authors, use standard forms of references (for example, see PORUBJAK, M. – VYDRA, A.: Zoznam skratiek vybraných antických autorov a ich diel. In: Ostium, Vol. 4, 2008, No. 3).
8) Articles are received only in the electronic formats DOC or RTF without special graphical and typographical edits.
9) Illustrations, photographs, graphs or tables must be attached as separate JPG files (do not put illustrations or graphs into the article).
10) An alphabetical list of references is situated at the end of article.
11) Copyright of translations, photo documentations, images, tables, graphs etc. should be provided by author of the text.
12) For duties and competencies of authors, editors and reviewers as well as ethical rules of publication see Code of Ethics of the Journal Ostium.

Articles will be published in the format HTML. A PDF, ePub and MOBI version of documents will be prepared to download at the beginning of papers.
Please, send your articles to the editorial E-mail: